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Approximate date of review: 2/6/2010

Golden Roasted Turkey Breast by Healthy Choice

The " traditional dressing " tastes great. It's not too wet and not too dry. You can actually taste the flavor from the celery, seasoning, and spices. The turkey breast portions are lean and sizable. A gravy is present but not in an excessive quantity. Overall, the turkey-gravy-dressing combo is pleasing and fulfilling. The compartmentalized vegetable serving consists of green beans that are surprisingly plump and fresh in flavor. A " cherry blueberry multigrain crisp " is provided as the meal's dessert offering. The dessert is rich and original but there appears to be an issue that occurs during its preparation. Frequently (several meals were prepared) the dessert portion of the meal would overflow into an adjacent compartment or outside the dish. This is a dinner that should definitely be cooked on a paper towel or plate. Aside from the overflow issue, this meal will satisfy an appetite.

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